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Moscow & District Pipe Band

 The first professional pipe band in Russia


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Moscow & District Pipe Band

Moscow & District Pipe Band is the first professional pipe band in Russia.

A pipe band is an essential part of any solemn ceremony not only in Scotland, but also in other countries of the world. This kind of musical art is to be considered more as one of many kinds of wind bands, then as a national feature. The great highland bagpipe with its centuries-old history has not lost its significance: nowadays traditional Scottish music played by pipe bands becomes more and more popular. The culture is developing and now one often can hear ethnic and modern music of various countries of the world played on highland bagpipes. We are the first band who does it in Russia!


Latest News & Events

28 march 2015, 18:00

Big concert in Zheleznodorozhny city, Moscow district!!!

One of the pioneers of pipe-music in Russia continue the concert tour: Great Highland and Small pipes, drum show, traditional Scottish classics, modern rock and a fusion, bright shows - all on one scene!!!


A part of our performance on XVI "Saint Patrick's Day" festival in Saint-Petersbourgh, Russia

15 march 2015, 17.00-23:30

«Saint Patrick's Day» festival in Saint-Petersbourgh
with participation Moscow and District Pipeband

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